Church & school job for Tristram

Tris & Hannah 4‘I love teaching children things about God that they will never forget for the rest of their lives – it’s so positive.’

That’s what really excites St John’s Children and Families Minister, Tristram Peattie. The post is jointly funded by St John’s Meads Church and St John’s Meads CofE School.

Tris had been working as part of a schools team for the Brighton and Hove City Mission, where his job involved a variety of roles including leading assemblies, running school clubs and organising prayer spaces, taking him into around 20 primary schools across the city. But it was the chance to concentrate efforts on one church and one school that attracted him to St John’s.

‘Being dedicated to one school and church really appealed to me,’ says Tris.  ‘I am really passionate about seeing children grow in their understanding of God.’

Tris was born and raised in Willingdon. He is married to Hannah and they have two daughters — Ellie and Iyla.  He went to school locally – Willingdon, Bedes and Lewes College – before spending a gap year working for the Christian charity, Encounter. That role took him into local secondary schools. From that, he began working as a teaching assistant before joining the Britannia Bank, working in Eastbourne and Brighton.  But he continued to work with children as a volunteer. His job with the Brighton and Hove City Mission was his first paid post with a charity.

Tris believes teaching children about God helps to set them on a good path for life. ‘It’s positive but it can also be preventative,’ he explains. ‘I think my belief in God kept me out of a lot of trouble. And it’s easier to raise up children with faith than to work with broken adults. A small decision made by a child can have a big ripple effect over many years.’

Rugby is another big passion in Tris’ life. He admits to being a lifelong Leicester Tigers fan and used to play himself, although he restricts himself to touch rugby these days. He’s also a keen swimmer and a decent cricketer.

‘I did both to a reasonable level – I used to open the batting and I can bowl a bit too.’ So with vicar Giles’s renowned (but as yet unseen) ability on the cricket field, things are shaping up nicely for the St John’s first XI

Developing links

Tris leads the Church’s ministry to children, young people and families, with a particular focus on children in the 0-11 age range. He also supports St John’s Meads Church of England Primary School in providing a programme of Christian activity and outreach to children, spending the equivalent of three days a week in church activity and two days a week in the school.